Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955, in Seattle in a family of a wealthy background. His father was a lawyer and grandfather was the Vice President of the National Bank. He always believed in achieving goals through hard work.

At first, Bill and Allen, his friend, formed a company Traf-O-Data to measure the flow of traffic on their small computer. They earned around 20,000 Dollars from this project. Then, they ended the project when Bill Gates left the college, and he was enrolled in Harvard University, one of the best universities in the country, but he was not sure about his interests, and he applied for pre-law. He couldn’t find it exciting and mostly he was asleep in the class because he was spending nights on the computer of his school.

Allen, a close friend of Bill, pushed him to open a software company for themselves. Bill Gates dropped out of the university, and he formed his company named as Microsoft. The vision of the company was that there must be a computer on every desk and Microsoft on every computer. The idea of Bill seemed successful after years of hard work. Microsoft was a good competition for other software companies and became one of the largest software companies all over the World.

Bill Gates owned a kind personality and donated almost 110,000 Dollars for schools and museums from which, he provided internet connectives and computers to schools. He gave 38 Million Dollars to build a computer institute at Stanford University. Bill Gates earned almost 11.5 Billion Dollars in 2017.


Full Name: William Henry Gates III

Born: October 28, 1955

Birth Place: Seattle, Washington, US

Residence: Medina, Washington, US

Nationality: American

Religion: Agnostic

Ethnicity: White

Weight: 61 kg

Height:  5’ 9” inches

Hair Color: Grey

Eye Color: Greyish Blue

Parents: Mary Maxwell Gates (mother), William H. Gates Sr. (father)

Siblings: Kristi Gates (sister), Libby Gates (sister)

Relationship Status: Married

Spouse: Melinda Gates

Children: Jennifer Katharine Gates (daughter), Rory John Gates (son), Phoebe Adele Gates (daughter)

Alma Mater: Harvard University 

Occupation: Inventor, Programmer, Entrepreneur, Software Architect, Author

Famous Books: The Road Ahead, Business @ the Speed of Thought: Using a Digital Nervous System, Showing Up for Life: Thoughts on the Gifts of a Lifetime

Net Worth: 92.4 Billion USD (2018)

Core Works: World’s largest software maker, Co-founder of Microsoft, The Gates Foundation


Bill Gates with his wife
Bill Gates with his wife


A saying of Bill Gates
A saying of Bill Gates


A quote by Bill Gates
A quote by Bill Gates