Nemrah Ahmed

Nemrah Ahmed

Nemrah Ahmed is a Pakistani novelist who just transformed the way of thinking of Pakistani youth from her writing. She is also considered as an influential lady of Pakistan who has a significant following among Pakistani youth especially females are her admirers.

Nemrah started her writing career very early only at the age of seventeen. However, her popularity graph started rising after the publishing of her novel Karakoram Ka Taj Mahel (Taj Mahal Of Karakoram). At the beginning of her career she faced a massive criticism about the writing flaws and similarity of her stories with English novels and dramas, but with the passage of time, she proved herself as an excellent inspirational writing. Notably, she earned many quality readers after the publishing of her novel Mus’haf. Her book Jannat Kay Pattay (Leaves of Heaven) was also another one of the most famous Urdu novels.

Although, she is far from the traditional writing style, but she proved herself as a leader and entrepreneur in writing industry. She came with new ideas and told girls that they don’t need heroes and told girls are their own heroes.


Full Name:  Nemrah Ahmed or Nemrah Niazi

Native Name:  نمرہ احمد, نمرہ نیازی

Born: September 9, 1990

Gender: Female

Nationality: Pakistani

Occupation: Novelist

Genres: Fiction, Real Stories, Adventure, Romantic

Relationship Status: N/A

Famous Novels: Mus’haf, Jannat Kay Pattay (Leaves of Heaven), Namal (Ants), Haalim (The Dreamer), Meray Khuwab, Meray Jugnu (My Dream, My Glow Worm), Karakoram Ka Taj Mahel (Taj Mahal of Karakoram)



List of Novels by Nemrah Ahmed


Meray Khuwab, Meray Jugnu (My Dream, My Glow Worm)

Meray Khuwab, Meray Jugnu

This is the first novel of Nemrah Ahmed that was published in 2007. This novel has two episodes. This novel is the story of two sisters who felt the love of the same man.


Pahari Ka Qaidi (Man Captured in Mountains)

This novel was published in 2008 shows the discrepancies in the judicial system of Pakistan.



Mehrunnisa was published in 2008. Basically, it is a short novel based on a sad and romantic story.


Sans Sakin Thi (Was Still Breathing)

This novel consisted of four episodes and was published in 2008.


Karakoram Ka Taj Mahel (Taj Mahal of Karakoram)

Karakoram Ka Taj Mahel was one of the most adventurous novels of Nemrah Ahmed that shows her love for climbing. It is based on true story of a Turkish climber Ufaq Hussain Arsalan who tried to climb ‘Mother of Mist’ mountain.


Beli Rajputaan Ki Malikah (Queen of Beli Rajputaan)

In this novel, Nemrah captured the lifestyle of different minorities and majorities before partition subcontinent. This novel had four episodes and was published in 2010.




Mus’haf was her first novel which gave real fame to the novel industry. This is the story of Mehmal Ibrahim who was away from the teaching of Islam, but a black girl gifted her a book of miracles ‘Mus’haf’ that changed her life. This novel was published in 2011 into five monthly episodes.


Jannat Kay Pattay (Leaves of Heaven)

Jannat Kay Pattay

This novel is based on the story of a Pakistani Spy and a girl who went to Turkey as a student. This is considered as bestseller novel of Nemrah.


Paras (Touchstone)

Paras is a murder mystery kind of novel and has four monthly episodes.


Namal (Ants)


Namal explains the value of blood relations. In this novel, Saadi Yousuf interpreted the verses of Surah Namal in a very inspiring manner.


Haalim (The Dreamer)

This novel is based on the journey of Malaysian politician and a girl Talia. Actually, it is a supernatural novel and based on time travel.